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Does wearing fur shock you? Well, leather is often considered a natural material associated with quality and durability. However the leather industry, just like the fur industry, is at the origin of a lot of animal suffering.

On top of this, leather production is bad for the environment and for human health. So that is why today we are going to talk about five reasons why we love By Blanch and why we think everyone should know about them!


  1. By Blanch is Leather and Animal-Free

Animals are at the forefront of the leather industry because it is indeed their skin that we are talking about after all! We often tend to think that leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. However the reality is not that simple. Leather is not a byproduct but a co-product just as important as the meat industry. In fact it is the latter that becomes a byproduct of leather. They can even be completely different sectors! 

Every year 1 billion animals are raised and killed just for their skin. Victims of intensive breeding, they are the object of terrible suffering.

Buying leather means supporting intensive breeding. A lot of the world’s leather comes from developing countries like India or China, countries that are well-known for lack animal welfare and inexistent laws in that field.

Whether it's cows, pigs, goats or even cats and dogs, a lot of species are victims of this horrible industry.

By Blanch makes beautiful, cruelty-free shoes and that’s why we love them! They make 100% vegan shoes meaning that all the models are leather-free and free of animal suffering. Made with high quality synthetic leather from polyurethane with a vegetable oil coating, By Blanch shoes are very soft and look like real leather. They are easy to clean and they are also stain resistant!

  1. They are Eco-friendly

The intensive reading of animals, whether it's for meat or leather, is responsible for 18% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions - which is more than the transport industry - and also deforestation. At an industrial scale, massive animal breeding is highly polluting. Whether it's the ground, animal waste, antibiotics, hormones, chemical products, but also fertilisers, nature is highly affected by this industry.

1 kg of leather can have an environmental impact 20 times bigger to those needed to produce 1 kg of synthetic materials such as polyester! 

Just like Votch, By Blanch is committed to use eco-friendly polyurethane. They have the Eco-label certification and insoles are made with a micro-perforated material designed to let the foot breathe easily. 

  1. They Respect Their Workers

Leather tanning is a process that allows animal skin to become waterproof. However this process is highly polluting and puts the worker’s health in danger.

Toxic waste is directly poured onto rivers and, as a consequence, waters are a source of numerous diseases to the inhabitants of the regions depending on this tanning business: for instance Dacha in Bangladesh.

These toxic chemical components are not biodegradable either. Chromium can become even more toxic! In fact, many shoes in the world contain toxic chromium.

So by avoiding leather tanning, By Blanch offers its workers a safe environment, which is something we totally respect.

  1. They Respect The Environment

Here at Votch we care about the environment. And so does By Blanch! As citizens of the world living in 2017, we are responsible for choosing products that have a good impact on this planet. We cannot be perfect, but By Blanch offers a wonderful alternative to the nasty leather industry that we long said goodbye to.

As you may know already, “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want” – by Anna Lappe. So we are extremely happy to see a Spanish and French brand that shares our values in being environmentally friendly, whilst remaining desirable and stylish

  1. … And Yes, Also Super Stylish!

Have you seen those shoes though? These shoes are not only ethical, but the boots, flats and heels are perfect for any type of girl, for any occasion.

With neutral colours ranging from black, camel, brown and now even red, the entire footwear has been designed for conscious women who want to remain stylish and fashionable.


For this photoshoot, we thought that the Offshore in Black would match our Piñatex straps!

By Blanch are offering all our customers 15% their collection with the code : VOTCHLOVESBYBLANCH - offer expires 30th November 2017 (ends midnight GMT) and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

We are already waiting for the men’ collection and in the meantime, we wish Mireia best of luck in her ventures!


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