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Votch is a new, vegan leather watch brand that launched in 2016. What is a vegan leather watch many folk say? Well it’s classic, stylish watches with vegan leather straps, meaning no animal skins were used to create our timepieces.

Votch was founded by me, Laura and we're based in London. I run the company with Rolo, my rehomed (smaller than most rabbits) pooch. A few years back I was struck down with a condition that left me bath bound for many months, during that time I watched many documentaries on animal welfare and the leather industry. I knew when I got better I had to create something where I could make a change.

Finding accessories that are stylish but cruelty free isn’t always that easy, and when an old watch strap broke and finding a decent vegan leather replacement was nigh impossible, the idea for Votch was born.

Each watch is compromised of high-end components and is fitted with vegan leather straps. No harm to animals involved, and less harm inflicted on our environment too. I take every step of the process for Votch very, very seriously and my regard for animals is shared with my respect for humans too. I visited and vetted several factories before deciding on who to work with to create the Votch collection.

To give back, every 3 months, Votch will proudly partner with different charities and will donate a percentage of the profits from each watch to our charity of the season. There are so many charities and companies doing so much inspiring work that this seemed the best way that I could share the profits from each watch. You can read more about our charity of the season in our Giving Back section.

I’m so happy to launch Votch with you all, and I hope you enjoy our first collection.


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