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How to make sure your new strap will fit

how to measure lug width

Measure Lug Width

A lot of customers ask us how to measure a watch strap to ensure the new strap will fit. It’s really simple, all you need to do is measure the distance between the watch lugs (where the strap sits) in millimetres.

It’s important to measure the distance from the inside of the lug that you can see here in the picture to make sure you get an accurate measurement. We are using our Classic Collection Votch as an example which fits our 20mm watch strap. We hope this helps you in finding the perfect cruelty free strap for your watch.

What is Lug Width?

Lug width is the internal distance between the two points where the watch strap fits as seen in the above image. When looking for a replacement watch strap it's important to make sure you have the internal dimensions, not external.