Black Friday Weekend

It’s that time of year again already, Black Friday weekend is here.

We’re not the biggest fans of it in all honesty here at Votch - we believe it encourages consumerism and contributes to making mindless purchases of items we may not have actually wanted or needed. The world is already a cluttered place so we feel uncomfortable about offering discounts to encourage this weekend.

It’s something that’s always sat uneasily with us. So we decided to rename this weekend a few years ago to Give Back Friday - to highlight the work of our charity partners and to offer you 10% off everything as every sale made through our site helps us to give back, so if we are going to discount, at least it’s encouraging us to give back to those who need it too.

We’ve supported so many great charities over the years - because of you we have a number of dog and cat cages to home sick and injured animals at Ko Lanta animal welfare in Thailand, we’ve also contributed to the build of an educational centre at Folly, whilst helping feed and provide education to families in Malawi too.

So please, if you are going to partake in Black Friday, our ask of you is to purchase mindfully, carefully and with the planet in mind.

For 10% off all purchases this weekend add GIVEBACKFRIDAY at checkout.

Much love,
Laura & Rolo