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The importance of yoga and meditation

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The popularity of yoga and meditation classes is growing globally at a very fast pace. And for one very simple reason: we need to take time out. Our founder Laura has definitely benefited from the advantages of yoga and meditation since launching Votch as running a start-up company can be incredibly overwhelming on the mind at times.

Today, many of our lives are fast-paced, super busy and driven by being productive. We’ve stopped making time for ourselves, and – even worse – we’ve started feeling guilty if we do. Brands everywhere – from eco-activewear brand Asquith and ourselves here at Votch – are encouraging us all to take time out of our hectic lives.

The truth is that making yourself a priority and taking up yoga and meditation can make a big positive difference to your life. But what does that mean on a practical level?

Yoga and meditation can improve your breathing

A huge number of people inhale and exhale in odd patterns. Their breaths are too fast, too short or too shallow. Yoga and meditation give you the tools to calm your breathing.

When you start practising yoga, you’re taught to move with your breath; it brings awareness and control. While meditation encourages you to notice when your emotions are affecting your breath.

They’ll make you more mindful

Yoga is a total mind/body experience, with both physical and mental benefits. It can make you sharper and aid your sleep. It can also help you live in the present – because you need to focus all your energy on each movement or pose. You tune in to your body and forget the rest of the world.

Meditation can improve your quality of life by giving your mind time to process everything that happens to you. By combining it with yoga, you can be mindful of your thoughts and aware of your body.

They’ll help you to deal with stress better

Yoga and meditation reduce stress and lower blood pressure. As we’ve seen, meditation is great for focusing your mind on the moment. While yoga focuses you on the asanas (the poses).

Both can also help you to think more clearly. The clearer you think, the more perspective you’ll have. And with that perspective often comes patience and better ways of dealing with difficult situations.

Although we can’t control life’s complications, the ability to react to stressful situations with peace can drastically improve your wellbeing and reduce your anxiety.

Yoga will help you fit your exercise in

The benefits of yoga go beyond psychology. It can also improve your physical condition. 

Yoga is such a sustainable way of getting your exercise in. In yoga, you work your whole body with both static holds and dynamic moves. And the great thing about it is that there are many types of yoga out there – suitable for all levels and needs.

Furthermore, stretches help the distribution of the nutrients around your body, prevent injuries, and ease pains. Bringing mobility and flexibility to your body will make you more agile and fit. It feels like magic.

Start now by making time

Yoga and meditation practised together can strengthen your body and your mind. Why not start today? They can only improve your well-being, your mindset and your life.

And just remember that you don’t need to put hours and hours into yoga and meditation every day. It’s not the amount of time you spend at practice, but how much you get out it.

Votch and Asquith are offering an alternative way of living that is creating a more respectful world for the animals, for other humans and for you. That’s why they’d like you to make some time to cultivate your body, your mind and your soul without harming other beings or the planet.

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Anna de Sousa is wearing:

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Move it! Leggins in Pebble by Asquith

Blissful wrap in Surf Blue by Asquith

Photos by: Alexa Mitiner


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