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Snact: A Revolutionary Zero Waste Snack Brand

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Here at Votch, we love food. Food is life! In fact, we even wrote a blog post on our favourite dairy-free chocolates right over here.

As much as we love chocolate, we also love health eating, and snacking is a huge part of our busy, daily lives! As we get busier and busier, we don’t always have time for meal prepping. Especially snacks! So it is important for us to find snacks that are on the healthy side to keep us on track.

That’s when we found the brand Snact, a brand that not only offers vegan and healthy snacks, but a brand that was born to fight the food waste in the UK.


Apples with weird shapes or bananas that are too long, aren’t the perfect size or have a few spots… How does this make fruit not ok to sell?

 ‘Every single day in the UK, we throw out tonnes of perfectly good fruit. When we do that, we’re not just wasting the fruit that’s in front of us: we waste all the energy and resources that went into growing, processing, packing and transporting it.’

Snact’s aim is to create fruit jerky and banana bars from surplus fruit that otherwise would go to waste. It’s also cool to know that their packaging is plastic free and fully home compostable. Snact is on a mission to tackle both food and plastic waste, pretty amazing!

These bars are gluten, dairy and egg-free, and are made with surplus bananas, nuts, seeds, gluten-free oats, veg and spice. Making the products not only super healthy but also super sustainable. We think their snacks are a great alternative for lunch boxes, late night snacking, and keeping in your desk drawer for the 2 o’clock carb cravings.

Finally, these bars do not contain any preservatives, dyes, or other chemicals and are also refined sugar free. So, when you buy Snact, you are enjoying deliciously healthy snacks that also helps fruit from going to waste. More taste and less waste!

The Snact Banana Bars

A delicious soft bar packed full of sweetness. They come in three flavours: Apple & Cinnamon, Beetroot & Cacao, and Carrot & Spice.

These bars are soft, chewy, and packed full of nutritious vitamins. Since they come in three different flavours, you can always pick whatever your heart desires at. A tasty and healthy snack for both kids and older kids for sure!

The Beetroot and Cacao one was our favourite, perfect for an afternoon chocolaty treat with some tea! This one contains bananas, oats, pumpkin seeds, cacao, quinoa flakes and almonds. So perfect to keep you full until dinner time, too!

We recommend the Apple and Cinnamon for a post-work healthy dose of carbs, and protein, as it contains just bananas, oats, pumpkin seeds, pecans and cinnamon.

The Carrot and Spice Boost Banana Bar is a heart-healthy mix of bananas, oats, pumpkin seeds, carrots and walnuts. For whoever likes a bit of spice in their life!



The Snact Fruit Jerky

Slightly firmer than the bars, these little bags of Fruit Jerky are made with 100% fruit and come with individual ribbons of fruit goodness. There are also three flavours: Viva la Raspberry Revolution (Apple and Raspberry), Mangoes On A Mission (Apple and Mango), Blueberries Bite Back (Apple, Blueberry And Banana).

They are seriously sweet and fruity, tangy, a bit tart, a bit punchy, and perfect for a post-lunch or post-dinner treat – for those who enjoy little pockets of sweetness after a meal. They are healthier than the traditional version of fruit ‘leather’ as they don’t contain any added sugars, only the sweetness from the fruit.

We love the fact that there is so much fruit packed into one of these sachets as well, ensuring that we are still having our daily dose of vitamins and fibre, whilst the fruit doesn’t go bad. How many times have we packed a banana that got smashed in our bags? We’ve all been there…


We are proud of having teamed up with a disruptive brand that aligns with the same values as we do. As we challenge the leather industry, the people behind Snact are challenging the food system. If everyone took efforts to reduce food waste it would result in lower demand, lower commercial production, and less stress food manufacturers place on the environment. So, you can always click on the following link and help us join them in their #deliciousprotest campaign!

Next time that the sweet refined-sugar stuff starts calling your name, fight back with Snact snacks that offer vitamins instead of guilt!

All UK Votch purchases will receive a free Snact sample, whilst stocks last and applies to watches only (not individual straps).

Snact samples lovingly tried by Laura and Marta, and sniffed approvingly by Rolo x


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