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Our Favourite Documentaries and Books About The Plant-Based Movement

Following our article on the 5 Ways A Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Will Change Your Life, the Votch team decided it was a good idea to show our favourite documentaries and books to help anyone transition into a lifestyle that is kinder to our health, the animals and the planet.

Thankfully, Netflix has now been incorporating more and more movies and documentaries with animal welfare and sustainability in mind, and we are so happy to see that the demand for these types of shows is growing! So today we’ve gathered our favourite documentaries and books about the plant-based movement that are worth knowing about that you can perhaps take some time off to enjoy.



Here at team Votch we are particularly sensitive to this one, as it’s one of the documentaries that convinced us we should not wear any other animal’s skin, but our own. Cowspiracy should almost be a requirement for every environmentalist! Rather than ‘let’s save the planet’, this documentary’s aim is to show us the impact of animal agriculture on climate change, carbon emissions, deforestation and just about everything related to Mother Earth. This documentary is definitely a game-changer and leaves you with the challenge of having a cruelty-free lifestyle. A must! If we say so ourselves.

What The Health

One of the biggest and most impactful documentaries of 2017, this one was co-produced by Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn – the creators of Cowspiracy too. Although this one has received some criticism from some health professionals, it bases the whole documentary around the idea that processed animal foods and refined sugars increase the risks of health conditions. Other topics, such as antibiotic resistance and the financial relationship between the food industry and national health groups, are also exposed to the public.



Make sure to grab a tissue with this one. Okja is a masterpiece created by Korean director Bong Joon Ho, whose intention was to make everybody ask uncomfortable questions about where our food comes from. Exposing the reality of 21st century consumerism, little protagonist Mija and her friend – the genetically modified creature called Okja – go on an adventure to fight capitalism and carnivorous corporate greed. Absolutely brilliant and definitely a journey to hop on on a Sunday Netflix session.

Forks Over Knives

This documentary’s focus is mainly on the importance of a whole-foods plant-based diet to help fight diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, or cancer. ‘’Forks Over Knives’’ highlights the importance of ditching processes animal-based foods in order to achieve optimal health.



The China Study

Written by Thomas Campbell and Colin Campbell, this book is world-renowned. It is a comprehensive study that shows the correlation between our health and what we eat. It highlights, through an extensive 20-year-long study, the negative effects of animal protein in the human body. This book is part of our ‘plant-based starter kit’, basically.

How Not To Die

Once again, this book questions the prevalence of carnism in our society, in a very simple and easy to read manner. The book is split in 15 chapters, and each one of them is one of the top fifteen causes of premature death in America. There is heavy scientific evidence behind this book, which pushes for only one diet to be able to prevent and reverse many of the causes of disease-related death.


And you? What are your favourite books and documentaries about the plant-based movement? We still have many to watch and read, but we’re also open to reading your favourite suggestions!


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