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Our cruelty free food guide to Paris

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One of the joys about being based in London is that we can wake up, crawl out of bed, hop on to the train and be in Paris for lunch. When I was younger, and as a vegetarian then, I used to find trips to Paris often a little limiting when it came to dining out...prior to the Happy Cow app and the wondrous power of the search engine I would often find myself a little lost (and hungry).

Well I'm not sure if it's just me, but over the last few years I've been discovering more and more fantastic vegan options every time I go, and I couldn't not share these with you all. 

1. First up...I think we literally manage to make it off the Eurostar, check-in to our apartment, and wolf down a Hank burger all within 30 minutes from getting off the train. Our go to stop for vegan burgers when we're here...with all you can squeeze mayo, mustard and ketchup too:


2. Having given up red meat at the age of 9, having a beef bourguignon was something I had never experienced, nor ever needed to learn how to pronounce (and yes, I did copy and paste the spelling from Google). Until we discovered Le Potager du Marais. This beautiful little restaurant in the heart of the Marais is cosy, comforting and you are served by the most wonderful, welcoming staff. We've so far sampled the seitan bourguignon (which we've since learnt to pronounce), the lasagne and the french onion soup. I need to take a moment now to go and think about the soup...


3. We didn't get to Cloud Cakes until the end of the day, but we managed to get the last muffin and slice of tart! It's one to go back to, and given the fact they had all sold out speaks volumes:


4. Wild & the Moon is the place to be seen - we tend to visit Paris during fashion week so you can usually find me in there on tip toes trying to be seen at the counter amongst all the models. Wild & the Moon serve delicious plant based smoothies, crackers, salads, granola, all the plant based yummy stuff basically. Their juices are to die for and the display counter is a piece of art in itself:


5. Moving away from the Marais, we headed over to Brasserie Lola, our latest vegan find in Paris. This place is so subtle it doesn't actually mention that it is vegan. It's one of those places you have to know about, or return to ye olde faithful Happy Cow. We had to go for a croque monsieur which was delicious, and an absolute treat to be able to order one of these finally!


6. Finally, it's Hank Pizza! Part of the Hank Family, they do pizzas just as well as they do burgers. Only problem is trying to fit in a slice of pizza once we've had a burger. Because we're that greedy...


Have you been to any of these or can share any other vegan tips with us when we visit Paris? We'd love to hear any more suggestions you might have!

Love Laura (not Rolo, we're yet to get him a passport)



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