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4 Ways to Make Your Style Eco-Friendly

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Keeping up to date on the latest style trends can be both fun and fashionably rewarding. Whether you enjoy making Pinterest boards for desired outfits or reading up on the best shoes for spring, developing your own sense of style is a great way to show off who you are and what you love! In light of Earth Day approaching April 22nd, consider some simple ways to make your style eco-friendly. There are many ways you can still feel fashionable while also putting our planet first!

Embrace your DIY side

When it comes to DIY opportunities, there are thousands of online tips and tutorials. While you may  not be someone who enjoys embracing your crafty side, repurposing old clothing items is an easy eco-friendly option you can try out. You can use old jewellery to add some bling to your shoes or experiment with sewing by turning an aged pair of jeans into a cute tote. The options are endless. Don’t be so hasty to immediately throw out the items you no longer wear and instead, give them new life. Choose a day you know you have little to do, and dedicate some time to fun DIY projects you’ll enjoy. Hopefully you’ll find repurposing your old fashion items to be a fun and fulfilling pastime.

Support Vegan and Cruelty-Free Brands

You’d be surprised how many fashion and beauty brands are out there that still contain animal byproducts and test on animals. Going vegan with the clothing you wear and the beauty products you use is a choice that will help reduce your carbon footprint and help protect animals from cruel testing practices. Supporting a completely vegan fashion brand is a perfect place to start. It’s important to be sure that your beauty products are free from animal testing as well. The good news is that more brands are switching over to cruelty-free production everyday. You can even find the perfect hair color that is both vegan and free of animal testing! As long as you know where to look, you can find plenty of eco-friendly fashion and beauty options.

Thrift More

Spending an afternoon with friends at the local thrift store is becoming a popular activity nowadays. Finding some fun vintage clothing items is a great way to spend your weekend while still keeping your style eco-friendly. Thrifting for some new wardrobe items both reduces the cost of manufacturing new clothing and also reduces the amount of old clothing entering landfills. The next time you find yourself in need of a new outfit, opt to look for some pre-owned items. While it may take a little bit longer to locate some hidden treasures amongst the clothing racks, the feeling of finding that perfect wardrobe piece is more than worth the hunt. You can even shop online for thrifted items right from your home with online thrift stores like ThredUp! Whatever works best for you when it comes to your shopping, consider thrifting a bit more every now and then. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find.


Donate More

Donating more goes hand in hand with thrifting, but is still an important part of eco-friendly style. As you adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you are certain to find items you no longer use or need during the transition. Donating your old clothing items and even giving away any unopened non-eco friendly products you may have is a great way to reduce waste. As you begin your season of Spring cleaning, be sure you are giving away anything that can be repurposed as opposed to taking the easy route of throwing it out. There are many items you may no longer want that others will find both stylish and useful. Remind yourself that one person’s trash is another's treasure the next time you’d rather save yourself a trip to the donation box.


Whether you decide to thrift more, try out some DIY options, or go cruelty-free, there are many ways you can incorporate green living into your wardrobe and beauty routine. What areas have you decided to change to make your style more eco-friendly?


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