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Our first photoshoot

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We put a shout out for our first photoshoot to gather members of the vegan community to come and have their picture taken with our team and tell us their stories as to why they went vegan. Taking the step to become vegan isn’t always an easy one, very few people are brought up vegan and taking that step in to a new lifestyle is normally influenced by something that you have viewed or read and touched you in a way that means animal consumption can no longer be a part of your day to day life.

So, we took over a north London based studio one Saturday, filled it copious amount of vegan goodies, whacked on the tunes and had a blast meeting so many genuine, lovely people – you’ll see them all over the next few months on our instagram – check it out.

We wanted to show that anyone can be vegan, veganism ain’t all tie dye – and contrary to comments I know I receive sometimes – we do actually eat (and better than before we went vegan most of the time). But for us, there is no putting a cat or dog on a pedestal and calling it a pet, whilst pigs, cows etc are forced in to confinement only to be led to a pretty brutal murder, in front of their mates often too. No, we just want to be living a life without the exploitation of animals in it, simples.

Together as a community we’re stronger the more we speak as one – which is why all our models and ambassadors share our way of thinking, check out Lukas from Maximo Park and blogger Abbie Melissa modelling our collection on this site. Keep tuned for our shoutouts for our next photoshoot to see when we’ll be coming to a town near you.



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